Prambanan Temple, The Majestic Hindu Temple in Indonesia

Prambanan Temple, The Majestic Hindu Temple in Indonesia

Prambanan Temple, The Majestic Hindu Temple in Indonesia – Centuries ago, the outspread of Hindu religion influenced kingdoms in Indonesia. The deployment of Hindu religion had been proved by the existing of statue and Hindu temples around the islands in Indonesia. The biggest and highest Hindu temple located in Yogyakarta city, a special region city in the southern of Java island. It has been well known as Prambanan temple or Candi Prambanan in native Indonesia language.

Prambanan temple was built during the reign of Rakai Pikatan, king of Hindu kingdom, Medang Mataram in 850 AD. After Rakai Pikatan had no longer lead the kingdom, it was continued and enhanced by the next kings, Lokapala and Rakai Balitung.

This glorious temple was built to authenticate the return of Wangsa Sanjaya reign as a powerful Hindu empire towards Java Island. Prambanan temple soars 47 meters in height and consists of 240 temples. The main temples, Candi Trimurti or Trimurti temple consists of 3 temples which named after the three Hindu’s gods, Siwa, Wisnu and Brahma.

Candi Prambanan 2

Candi Wahana which also consist of 3 temples (Candi Nandi, Garuda and Angsa) have been stood in front of the three main temples. The other two temples, called Candi Apit or Apit temple have been placed in the right and left side of main temples.

In addition, the complex of Prambanan temple also has been fulfilled with  4 Candi Kelir or Kelir temples which located at 4 points of compass, 4 Patok temples or Candi Patok which located at corners of the complex and 224 Perwara temples or Candi Perwara which spread surround the main temples with concentric position. Each temple was craved magnificently. Can you just imagine how did the people in the past crave the huge stone then arranged them into marvelous temple? When I saw the temple, I wonder that they were very incredible and spectacular! It really represents ancient glorious architecture from Medang Mataram kingdom.

However, the temple complex does not only display the majestic of Hindu kingdom Medang Mataram historical heritage, but also the beautiful scenery. The greenery, flowery and grasses are surrounding the temple. They really makes the tropical weather little bit shady in the middle of sunny day.  

Candi Prambanan 3


Before enter the complex, we will be asked to wear batik fabric to cover our half body down as a part of respecting the local and Hindu’s tradition. After walking around all of the temples, we also can enjoy the beauty of Prambanan temple by tourist wagon. By its transportation, we also can visit Candi Sewu which located not far from Prambanan.

Candi Sewu or Sewu temple is Buddhist Mahayana temple which built in the same area of Prambanan temple. The local said that the location of Candi Prambanan which close to Candi Sewu represented about high tolerance between Hindu and Buddhist adherents in Java island.

Well, if you stay in Yogyakarta for more than one day, after enjoying Prambanan temple, the majestic of Hindu temple in Indonesia, you can also watch the Sendratari Ramayana Prambanan show or Ramayana Ballet Prambanan. The show holds in the evening start from 7.30 PM.

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